Protect Your Wealth

From Market Crashes And Increasing Taxes

Are you tired of high risk & low rewards?

The typical “high risk” investment model of stocks, mutual funds, and tax-deferred 401(k) accounts creates ongoing uncertainty and often yields disappointing returns. The formula is simple and important to understand:

Using properly structured strategies like Indexed Life Insurance and Annuities can protect your cash value and give you a death benefit should you die prematurely. Adding this strategy to your wealth plan could help protect you and your family. These are good, smart people who are risking their life savings in the stock market because they don’t know of a good alternative. You may already realize the current model is flawed, but don’t know where to turn.  You’ve worked and sacrificed to build the wealth you have now. We’ve  experienced personally losing 35%-40% during stock market crashes. The good news is there are alternatives, so you don’t have to lose your money to taxes, inflation, and market crashes.

It might seem easier to hope things get better; however, simply doing nothing could be a mistake. If you are unsure about the future of your investments, retirement, and the quality time you spend with your family, then be sure to read the next several reports included on this page.

This is About Your Wealth, Your Life, and the Security of Your Family.

Too many people in this country are frustrated by the current financial system. We work hard at our jobs for years trying to put money aside for retirement. At retirement, you still have to pay taxes on your qualified money, and you can still lose significantly during market crashes. Ultimately, this can leave us without enough to live on, spending our “golden years” pinching pennies and working extra jobs to get by.

What kind of plan relies on hoping taxes go down and hoping the market goes up?


Retirement planning used to mean getting a great job with a pension, using a 401(k) and getting a social security check to supplement your retirement income. Things have changed a lot since then. Although the economy is turbulent, exciting, little-known options still exist. In this package we share some of our favoritestrategies, so be sure to read on.

We offer an alternative approach using INDEXED LIFE INSURANCE contracts to help grow your WEALTH outside of the stock market without the fear and worry that comes with traditional, high risk investing

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If you are thinking about and planning for retirement, then you are already taking a step in the right direction. However, there are many factors to consider and this quiz will provide a current and realistic summary of where you are versus where you want to be in terms of retirement readiness.